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The thread pasta can be found here: /ogc/ Thread Copypasta

Looking for a New Wheel? Edit

Refer to this page for more information: Looking for a Wheel

So you want to play some good racing games? Edit

This is a non conclusive list of all the good racing games out. Ask in the thread if something isn't listed on the list!

Arcade Simcade Simulation
Burnout Series Euro Truck Sim 2 Assetto Corsa
Fatal Racing/Whiplash F1 2013 GT Legends
F-Zero Series Forza Motorsports GTR2
Gene-Rally Gran Turismo Live For Speed
Lego Racers BeamNG.Drive NR2003
Tokyo Xtreme Racer NFS Shift RACE 07
TrackMania PGR Series Stock Car Extreme
Monster Truck Madness 2 TOCA Series rFactor
Blur Tourist Trophy Richard Burns Rally
Crazy Taxi DiRT Rally RaceRoom Racing Experience
Driver Series Copa Petrobras de Marcas
Flatout iRacing
GTA Series rFactor 2
Initial D Arcade Stage Project Cars 2
Midnight Club Series Automobilista
Midtown Madness Series
Motorstorm Series
Need for Speed Series
Ridge Racer Series
SEGA Rally Championship
Test Drive Series
WipEout Series
Wangan Midnight: Maximum Tuner
Daytona USA
Mobil 1 British Rally Championship

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